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One-Eighty is a hospital-based, in-patient medical withdrawal stabilization service for people who have decided to take a 180° turn away from alcohol, drugs or pain pills.

We help people get turned around and headed in the right direction by caring for them through the process of the initial phase of recovery — medical withdrawal stabilization.  The average length of stay is only three (3) days and every patient leaves with a discharge plan for next steps and follow up.

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Do you have a patient that could benefit from One-Eighty?   If so, please share our information with them and encourage them to contact us.  We are eager to help them begin down the path to recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
​One-Eighty is a medical service of the highest quality of care that is ideal for a patient that has relapsed. Please share our information with them and encourage them to contact us for help through the initial phase of medical withdrawal stabilization. Once their withdrawal is stabilized, we will refer them back to you for their next steps of treatment.

Do you have an employee that could benefit from One-Eighty?  If so, please share our information with them and encourage them to contact us.  We are eager to help them begin down the path to recovery and get back to work with an improved level of productivity.


Chris Herren played two years in the NBA.  Recently his story was portrayed in the ESPN “30 for 30” film “Unguarded”.  Herren was on the University of Texas campus in July of 2013 to discuss his rise to stardom, his struggles with drug addiction, and his journey in recovery. The link below is an 8 minute video of excerpts from his talk with members of the UT football team.


​Mission – The mission of The Herren Project is to provide assistance in taking the first steps toward recovery and a life of sobriety, share educational programs and resources to increase awareness on the signs of addiction, and bring hope for a better tomorrow.​

Hope Over Heroin is a collaborative effort by churches in Ohio to reach those suffering from drug-related issues.  Events have food, live music, and real stories of deliverance that will give those hurting most the hope they need to be set free and live a life of victory.  If you or someone you know needs help overcoming addiction please join us for Hope Over Heroin!


Young People in Recovery (YPR) is a national grassroots advocacy organization focused on creating recovery-ready communities throughout the nation for young people in, or seeking, recovery. YPR aims to improve access to treatment, educational resources, employment opportunities, and secure, quality housing on the local, state, and national levels.  By creating a national network of young people in recovery, we empower young people to get involved in their communities by providing them with the tools and support to take charge of their futures. More information about our national organization can be found at  If you want to get in contact with the local Kerrville, TX chapter please visit . 


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You can have confidence that One-Eighty patients will consistently express excellence in patient satisfaction.